dbus-c++ and Ecore integration

2 08 2008

I think Dbus is a great way to communicate between desktop applications. Currently I need it in my OISP (Open Infotainment Service Provider) prototype. This needs a Dbus binding that integrates with Ecore. There’s the e_dbus in the Enlightenment CVS, but it doesn’t fit into my C++ design with eflpp.

Because of that reason I started to enhance the existing, dbus-c++ library with a Ecore integration. I would like to give back my modifications into the GIT repo on freedesktop.org, but the maintainer didn’t apply my patches until now. I think it’s because he’s busy with other activities.

So I started a new GIT repo on gitorious.org.

Don’t forget to add –enable-ecore as configure parameter to enable the Ecore integration. There’s a new ecore example application beside the source.

I would be happy to get some feedback or help with dbus-c++.