First release libooc-0.0.1

18 07 2008

This is the first public release of libooc. So far it’s only a experiment and not used in any practical application. In reallity it’s even not yet a library. It’s simply a test application which could later be changed to a library.

The idea of libooc is taken from a book that I bought some years ago:

Objektorientierte Programmierung mit ANSI C
Axel-Tobias Schreiner
ISBN 3-446-17426-5
Carl Hanser Verlag

This shows how to implement a object oriented framework in ANSI C. I liked to idea and now had some time to create some code. So far only parts of the String class is implemented. The idea is to reimplement the C++ STL in ANSI C.

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Open Infotainment Service Provider (Prototype)

22 06 2008

Since OpenStreetMap arrived I had the idea to start a complete In-Car Infotainment system. It took me several month but now a first prototype is done. The software works very well. I use it in my car with great success. But see yourself what I talk about.

Let me explain what you see on the video. In the beginning you see a window with a Mapnik powered map and some example GUI elements above. Then you see a change to a media player and the map still in the background.

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Midnight Commander Theme (Red)

22 06 2008

I’ve created a theme for Midnight Commander that fits perfect for the root user.


To change your theme edit the field [Colors] in /home/$user/.mc/ini.


A GUI dispatcher for asynchronous updates with Ecore

24 01 2008

First time I tried to get some data from a asynchronous source in an Edje application it was really hard to find out how to do it. For that reason I wrote two interfaces (C and C++) that helps to ease that task and are flexible enough for most cases. The C version has no other dependencies and the C++ version has only libsigc++ as dependency (beside Ecore of course). The licence is BSD. Have fun with it.

Here is the C version:

Here is the C++ version (not depend on the C version!)

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A Linux Joystick Class for C++

24 01 2008

For a project I needed to access a joystick in Linux from a C++ application. I wasn’t happy with existing solutions (e.g. SDL) and thought it’s bad to use the plain C API. So here is a easy to use C++ class. It needs glibmm and libsigc++ to compile. The licence is BSD. Have fun with it.

Here are the files:

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A simple C++ GPS class

24 01 2008

The gpsd library is really good to get information from your GPS device. But it’s C++ interface is really poor. For that reason I wrote a C++ wrapper with more features. It needs libsigc++ and pthread to compile. The licence is BSD. Have fun with it.

Here are the files:

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Blender real size measurement

1 01 2008

Some time ago I needed the possibility to construct some architectural buildings in Blender. For that reason I wrote a little script that helps me to construct Blender objects in real world sizes instead of Blender units. The usage is very simple and easy to understand.

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