Open Infotainment Navigation Demo

8 03 2012

After month of work here is again a short insight in my current open infotainment prototype. Many work has happened under the hood and hard to visualize. The GUI statemachine concept has been much improved.

The application theme is based on the default Elementary theme. There is an internal design specification that also fits to a future media player and phone application.

Current navigation features are:

  • Show live car position on map read from gpsd
  • Draw map with libosmscout cairo renderer while driving
  • Move map around with joystick control
  • Calculate route with libosmscout from current car position to defined targets
  • Show live GPS position data
  • Emulate driving with gpsfake

Next navigation development target is to have a target destination input screen (country/city/street).

The prototype has already defined an interface for media and phone control, but not yet a really working implementation. I’ll implement a demo, but offer everyone to take over these applications.

Until now I didn’t publish any source code except the statemachine framework ( I plan to release the source code in future if the basic software architecture is more stable. But if you really like the idea and want to participate please write me an E-Mail.

Please note that shown video has some edits regarding route calculation time. The route calculation takes some seconds more, but I cut them away. Just in the spirit of the current iPhone4 advertising. :-)


Kismet plugin for Mapnik

1 08 2009

Some time ago I wrote a kismet plugin for Mapnik. The OpenSource software Mapnik is a map renderer for e.g. OpenStreetMap data. My Mapnik plugin shows little icons on the map while driving around in a car for each found WLAN spot.

A video says more than thousend words. So view it here:

This is again a little step on my route towards an OpenSource car infotainment system.

Open Infotainment Service Provider (Prototype)

22 06 2008

Since OpenStreetMap arrived I had the idea to start a complete In-Car Infotainment system. It took me several month but now a first prototype is done. The software works very well. I use it in my car with great success. But see yourself what I talk about.

Let me explain what you see on the video. In the beginning you see a window with a Mapnik powered map and some example GUI elements above. Then you see a change to a media player and the map still in the background.

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A Linux Joystick Class for C++

24 01 2008

For a project I needed to access a joystick in Linux from a C++ application. I wasn’t happy with existing solutions (e.g. SDL) and thought it’s bad to use the plain C API. So here is a easy to use C++ class. It needs glibmm and libsigc++ to compile. The licence is BSD. Have fun with it.

Here are the files:

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A simple C++ GPS class

24 01 2008

The gpsd library is really good to get information from your GPS device. But it’s C++ interface is really poor. For that reason I wrote a C++ wrapper with more features. It needs libsigc++ and pthread to compile. The licence is BSD. Have fun with it.

Here are the files:

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