EdjePlayer 0.1

25 01 2009

While working with Edje I found the need to have a little application that is able to load a specific group from a edj file. For that reason I wrote EdjePlayer. It’s a simple command line application this is also perfect to run from within a graphical file manager.

Usage: edje_player [OPTION...]
  -g, --group=STRING      The Edje group to display (default: 'main').
  -e, --engine=STRING     The Evas engine type (use environment variable
                          $ECORE_EVAS_ENGINE if not set).
  -b, --borderless        Display window without border.
  -s, --sticky            Display window sticky.
  -p, --shaped            Display window shaped.
  -a, --alpha             Display window with alpha channel (needs composite
  -t, --title=STRING      Define the window title string.
  -l, --list-engines      List all available engines.
  -r, --list-groups       List all available groups in the Edje file.
  -v, --version           show version

Help options:
  -?, --help              Show this help message
  --usage                 Display brief usage message

If you name a group in your edj file “main” then no other command line switches are needed.

It’s possible to set some values in the Edje file data block to control the behaviour of EdjePlayer. These values are supported until now:

alpha: bool
borderless: bool
shaped: bool
sticky: bool
title: string

bool: “TRUE”, “true”, “FALSE”, “false”, “0”, “1”

You’ll find some usefull examples here.

I’ve the vision to move EdjePlayer to something like a FlashPlayer. It seems  Edgar has a nice API for accessing the outer world. In the next version I’ll see if a shared work is possible.

EdjePlayer is available from E SVN.

  svn co http://svn.enlightenment.org/svn/e/trunk/PROTO/edje_player



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25 01 2009
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