E17 composite managers

9 08 2008

First I created a wiki entry about E17 compatible composite managers. But people told me it doesn’t belong into the official wiki as it has no support at the moment. So I insert it into my Blog to save the links.

There’re several X composite managers that work with E17. This article explains some composite manager that work with E17. See the article Compositing window manager on wikipedia for a formal description.

Xcompmgr is a simple composite window manager, capable of rendering drop shadows and, with the use of the transset utility, primitive window transparency. Designed solely as a proof-of-concept, xcompmgr is a lightweight alternative to Compiz Fusion and similar composite managers.

Because it does not replace any existing window manager, it is an ideal solution for E17 users seeking a more elegant desktop. It’s packaged for the most distributions and easy to install. It runs out of the box with E17, but had some problems. For example the gnome-terminal had no window border.

This composite manager is implemented as module for E17. It’s available in CVS (e_modules/bling). The easy_e17.sh script installs this module by default. So it’s easy to install. Bling looks not bad, but compared to other composite manager it feels really slow. The source code looks not really extensible.

The Bang composite manager is available here.

The Ecomorph composite manager is available here.

The Egloo composite manager is available here. Update: Egloo host seems to be down. If someone knows what happened to it, please leave a note.




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