Open Infotainment Service Provider (Prototype)

22 06 2008

Since OpenStreetMap arrived I had the idea to start a complete In-Car Infotainment system. It took me several month but now a first prototype is done. The software works very well. I use it in my car with great success. But see yourself what I talk about.

Let me explain what you see on the video. In the beginning you see a window with a Mapnik powered map and some example GUI elements above. Then you see a change to a media player and the map still in the background.

But, what is the technical design of OISP? At first it works with a number of independent applications and service providers. The service providers communicate with the GUI application by the dbus deamon. The GUI application itself consists of several transparent window layers. The benefit is a more flexible and pluggable design. For sure you’ll need a X composite manager to run it. But a version without composite manager is planned. It’s not really a desktop application. It’s indeed planned to boot the computer and direct log into a session with only OISP started.

I decided not to release the source code at this time. The reason is that the codebase is currently completly rewritten. I takes me currently more time to synchronize my ideas with other people than to write it myself. This is also the reason for the rewrite. I like to have a more module and pluggable design. Then more developers could work on the software.

Please write a comment and tell me what you think. I’ll provide more videos and screenshots as there’s something to show.




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